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Slipping into my rubber is one of my favorite things. Last night, I slipped into a sexy black catsuit and hood. Total enclosed in rubber from head to toe. I sat down, taking my time to polish up with with a big thick bottle up lube making sure to get every inch of myself wet, slippery, and shiny. It’s such a sensual experience getting shiny and covered with lube. I love running my rubber gloves down my thighs and over my breasts coating it in silicone. After, I took a latex breathplay bag and fastens it over my head. Unable to see, I sat in the dark rubbing myself and listening to each breath through the little tube. It’s such a meditative and sensual experience isolating yourself with every breath as if it’s your last. You too can join in my journey of oxygen ecstasy. I have a new image gallery of some of it on my image4sale site. To view the whole thing, you can also see it when I launch my clips4sale towards the end of the month.



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  1. latex amateurs on January 28th, 2014 3:49 pm

    Great perform!

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